iioote welcomes Edvin & Gustav to the Development Team!

Gothenburg, Sweden 2022-01-06

Edvin Gavell and Gustav Olsson are studying their final year as ‘Internet of Things Developer’ at KYH (vocational university college) and they are now carrying out their LIA (internship) and exam work at iioote. The programme focuses on technical problem solving and programming where commercial and tech opportunities in a rapid developing environment are key factors in the analysis of identifying the business benefits of an IoT application.

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NEWS: iioote welcomes Morgan Sjöberg as Senior IoT Advisor!

Gothenburg 2021-08-18

Morgan Sjöberg further strengthens the iioote team with solid IT and IoT/LPWAN expertise. He joins from Uddevalla Energi AB, where he served 23 years as IT manager as well as responsible for the built up the company’s LoRaWAN IoT network. Morgan will primarily work as an expert advisor and with complex IoT projects.

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NEWS: iioote Deutschland Smart City project i Maintal, Hesse, Germany

Reutlingen, Germany 2021-08-02

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Press release: iioote and SensePro System form a new jointly owned company for Ergonomic and Environmentally Friendly Smart Construction Products with Integrated Wireless Sensor Technology

Gothenburg 2021-04-26

SensePro System and iioote will develop and market smart IoT solutions for real estate and the construction industry through jointly owned limited liability company “SenseIoT”. The partners will combine their deep knowledge in IoT with extensive experience in building construction and restoration of fire- and moisture damages addressing construction- and insurance companies in the Nordic region and Germany in the first phase.

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PRESS RELEASE: iioote and Hey IOT signed partnership agreement addressing SMART CITY, SMART BUILDING and SMART INDUSTRY applications in Germany.

Gothenburg 2021-03-30

Hey IOT, an experienced IoT enabler in the German Cyber Valley, will establish sustainable smart infrastructure solutions with cities, authorities and enterprises using iioote’s unique platform WebIoT that form the foundation with data from Sensors deployed in buildings, cities, industries, transport & tracking, and agriculture. When implementing these leading solutions Hey IOT will create sustainable value, protect infrastructure and grow the businesses of their clients.

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Press release: AirIoT monitor air quality to improve indoor climate and prevent viruses to spread.

Gothenburg 2021-02-01

The smart IoT solution AirIoT help prevent COVID-19 and other viruses to spread by examining the air quality constantly. This will assist in improving the indoor conditions in homes, offices, classrooms, shopping centres and many other locations by collecting data from sensors such as CO2 and PM from all main suppliers and using different technologies e.g., LoRaWAN/3GPP.

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iioote welcomes IoT Developers Mimmi and Jonna

Gothenburg 2020-01-11

Mimmi and Jonna will perform their LIA (internship) and exam work as IoT Developers at iioote and will contribute with inspiring dynamics and nuance in the company. They will mainly work in the development team where agile thinking is an important key word and the scrum method leads the progress as a red thread in the realization of IoT solutions development.

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iioote Appoints Two New Board Members

Gothenburg 2020-11-17

IoT-company iioote welcomes two new board members, Jacob Hansen Karaduman, Enklare AB cofounder and serial tech entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record for advising, building, and rapidly scaling start-ups, and Oskar Boström, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in IoT and Robotics. Their knowledge and experience will play an important role in the company’s expansion and development of innovative solutions.

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Press release: iioote and Viking Analytics introduce new AI-based product for early detection of black mold

Gothenburg, Sweden 2020-09-28

iioote, an IoT solution provider and LoRa Alliance® member and Viking Analytics, a Swedish provider of advanced analytics solution for predictive operations, presented today a new solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect the early onset of black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) in buildings. Integrated into iioote’s technology agnostic platform WebIoT, the algorithm developed by Viking Analytics uses data collected by sensors to detect variations in temperature and humidity that indicate the risk of fungus growth, known for causing damage in construction materials such as fiber-board and drywall.

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