Press release: iioote and Viking Analytics introduce new AI-based product for early detection of black mold

Gothenburg, Sweden 2020-09-28

iioote, an IoT solution provider and LoRa Alliance® member and Viking Analytics, a Swedish provider of advanced analytics solution for predictive operations, presented today a new solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect the early onset of black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) in buildings. Integrated into iioote’s technology agnostic platform WebIoT, the algorithm developed by Viking Analytics uses data collected by sensors to detect variations in temperature and humidity that indicate the risk of fungus growth, known for causing damage in construction materials such as fiber-board and drywall.

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Press release: iioote and Sigma Technology Strengthen Cooperation to Enable Industrial Internet of Things Applications

Gothenburg, Sweden 2020-09-21

Robert Åberg, Karin Wikander (Sigma Technology), Robert Spertina, Bertil Moberg (iioote). Photo credit: Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Solutions has been a professional competence partner to iioote, the Gothenburg-based industrial IoT provider, for several years. As iioote is preparing to scale up and launch new solutions, Sigma experts are ready to support them with high-end IoT competences.

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