IoT Solutions

IIOOTE contributes in the digitalization with solutions that create new opportunities for citizens and our society every day. When doing this, our customers contribute to a better environment, savings of valuable resources and better lives in a world with many challenges.

Here we show some examples of more than 30 commercial solutions in various verticals such as, industry, real estate companies, waste management, electricity companies, and many more.

Conceptual solutions

  • Test the IoT application before it is implemented large-scale
  • Use a cost-effective prototype solution with real sensor data from ongoing operations

Complete LPWAN solutions

  • IoT applications and data analyses
  • IoT platforms
  • LPWAN network
  • Sensors/devices


  • Procurement and supplier selection
  • Specification requirements and customization
  • SW & HW design

Installation, operation and maintenance

  • Sensors, gateways, servers and applications
  • Support and maintenance

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