About Us

IIOOTE is an independent systems integrator offering IoT solutions and services based on multiple IoT technologies.

IIOOTE has deep knowledge and broad international network in the IoT LPWAN ecosystem, ranging from sensor manufacturers, product and solution providers, consultants and potential recruitment candidates. The team is close-knit after multiple years of collaboration at several different companies.

IIOOTE contributes to Sweden’s goal to be the best in the world to use the potential of digitalization.

Headquarters at Lindholmen Science Park Gothenburg, Sweden

IIOOTE has extensive experience from the IT/IoT and telecom industry, in product development, manufacturing, quality, solutions, andmarketing & sales combined with industry-specific skills from the building construction, machine and automotive industries. And since 2014 LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies.

IIOOTE the systems integrator that handles all three building blocks in an industrial IoT ecosystem.

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