Press release: iioote and Sigma Technology Strengthen Cooperation to Enable Industrial Internet of Things Applications

Gothenburg, Sweden 2020-09-21

Robert Åberg, Karin Wikander (Sigma Technology), Robert Spertina, Bertil Moberg (iioote). Photo credit: Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Solutions has been a professional competence partner to iioote, the Gothenburg-based industrial IoT provider, for several years. As iioote is preparing to scale up and launch new solutions, Sigma experts are ready to support them with high-end IoT competences.

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NEWS: The WebIoT platform made by iioote and their solution H2OIoT implemented in the municipality

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Gothenburg 2020-05-18

The Orust public water sewage company loses several million SEK annually due to freshwater leakages and further losses when leaked clean water is returned with greywater to be cleaned again. iioote’s platform WebIoT and the solution H2OIoT is a service using data remotely read from pump stations and water meters. A total of about 4000 measuring points will be connected.

News: Read serious innovation about iioote and Rambo AB developing a Smart IoT solution for Recycling Stations

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iioote AB and Rambo AB (a regional waste management company in the province of Bohuslän, Sweden) develops a smart solution to ensure a safe working environment for visitors and staff.

Press release: iioote and Trollhättan Energi announces IoT-collaboration with the platform WebIoT for connected sensors and meters

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Gothenburg 2020-05-08

Trollhättan Energi AB and iioote AB collaborates on iioote’s platform WebIoT which is a multipurpose platform for Industrial IoT for visualization and presentation, monitoring and alarm setting of meters and sensors.

Press release: iioote and ppm Industrial announce WebIoT collaboration

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Gothenburg 2020-04-16

iioote AB and ppm Industrial AB, Sweden’s leading supplier of gas detectors, gas alarms and gas analysis, start a progressive collaboration to enable connection of meters via LPWAN/3GPP to the IoT platform WebIoT.

iioote’s multi-technology platform WebIoT with AI and Machine Learning

Semtech and iioote extend LoRa®-based water leak detection with AI / Machine Learning based on MultiViz from Viking Analytics to the industrial IoT market. Read more here.

iioote at The Things Conference January 30-31, 2020

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Join the largest LoRaWAN conference in Amsterdam and meet with iioote the independent systems integrator and discuss innovative real IoT- solutions

How to Catch Water Leakage Before it Catches You!

iioote & MultiTech Case Study: Learn how to protect your organization & home from water damage utilizing new technologies and innovations! Read more here.


Press release: Consortium agreement concluded between iioote, Netmore and Qualit

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Press release: iioote and Viking Analytics start collaboration to enhance the WebIoT platform with artificial intelligence using machine learning tool MultiViz

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