Viking Analytics AB

Viking Analytics enables development of smart and reliable IoT applications with high quality sensor data that has been prepared, processed and labelled by a domain expert.

MultiViz, our unique platform is used by domain experts for converting historical sensor data and real time sensor data into useful insights. Thanks to this data analytics software, the companies’ journey towards digitalization and Industry 4.0 is tremendously simplified.

Viking Analytics operates in smart factories and smart cities in Sweden and Europe.

Contact: Stefan Lagerkvist, CEO, phone +46 709 90 12 22,


Quality IT Solutions AB

QUALIT provide and deploy IT and telecom infrastructure. We deliver an entire process from technical assessment, installation, commissioning and implementation of equipment and services. We are independent of technology, make and other locks and can thus help you find an optimal technical solution for your facility network, your office network or other implementation. We have a high level of technical expertise in the field of data and telecommunications networks (both fixed networks and radio solutions), system integration and other applications that are necessary for you to have the optimal solution.

Our business areas and competencies include fiber and data networks, property systems (proptech), IMD systems, IoT connections, smart homes, lighting systems, energy management, system integration and security systems (CCTV, detection).

Contact: Per Meurling, CEO, phone +46 70 995 26 01,


ThingsBoard Inc.

Who we are?

ThingsBoard, Inc. is a US corporation founded in 2016 with RnD center in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are main contributor and maintainer of ThingsBoard open-source IoT Platform.

Our mission

We deliver and constantly improve scalable, robust and affordable IoT Platform that dramatically reduces time-to-market for life-changing IoT solutions. We also help companies to deliver great IoT products based on ThingsBoard.

Contact: phone +1 415 766 9144,


Intunio AB

We specialise in building intuitive interfaces for smart, mobile and connected devices. With decades of experience in combining strategy, design, and development, we create meaningful, innovative, and lasting products. Great UX separates successful products from unsuccessful ones, lets small startups take on big corporations, and defines the market for years to come. Mixing the arts of interaction- and visual design, we distill the product into simple, intuitive and great looking designs.

Our development team is cross-functional, with competences spanning the full software stack, from low-level embedded programming, middleware framework design and development, all the way to front- and back-end web solutions. Whether the product interface is an on-device screen, a mobile application, a website, or a combination of all three, we make it beautiful, intuitive and responsive.

Contact: Johan Frej, CTO, phone +46 765 35 55 50,


Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology is a part of Sigma Group and is a global supplier of product information, embedded and software design, and offshore development. We are experts with a passion for technology and information, and take pride in delivering quality and constantly improving our deliveries. Our philosophy is “Local Drive – Global Strength”, therefore we have offices worldwide to be close to our customers. For a complete picture, visit our website. ​


Netmore Group AB

Netmore Group AB is an IoT operator that develops comprehensive solutions for cities, industries, real estate and housing. Together with our partners, we build secure and sustainable ecosystems for the Internet of Things, locally, nationally and globally. The technical infrastructure is based on mobile technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NBIoT, LoRaWAN and a multi-service WAN for real estate and industries. With our ecosystem, the possibilities of new technology can be fully exploited, for a sustainable society. The key is to move from competition to collaboration and partnership.

Contact: Fredrik Skoglund



We are the local city networks. Together we build a Swedish infrastructure standard for IoT with LoRaWAN™. We provide a local, digital community infrastructure. Something we have always done.

In 2017, Öresundskraft created StadshubbsAlliansen, which brings together the urban networks in a new common digital infrastructure for the smart society. More and more urban networks, municipalities and regions are joining us. Today, our members are represented from Scania in the south to Norrbotten in the north. StadshubbsAlliansen thus begins to become a common nationwide infrastructure for IoT/Internet of Things.

Would you like to know more about Stadshubben, StadshubbsAlliansen, IoT and LoRa technology?

Contact: Johan Nyström, phone +46 42 490 3284


IoT Sweden

IoT Sweden is one of 17 strategic innovation programmes funded by government research councils Vinnova, The Swedish Energy Agency and Formas. The objective is to create a foundation for competitive and sustainable solutions to society’s challenges. The ambition with IoT Sweden is to fund innovation for a period of ten years.



Digital Nordix AB

Digital Nordix is an IoT/LoRaWAN™ operator that provides LoRa® network subscription services for IoT solutions. DNX’s focus is to ensure a robust and customizable wireless IoT network. Unlike other IoT providers, DNX works closely with independent partners to provide Customization and System integration for best possible IoT solution.

Our LoRa® network services are; Device Management, Data Management and Network Management . As a partner, we manage our own and customers LoRa® networks worldwide. Unlike GSM/LAN networks, LoRa® networks are developed directly for IoT solutions with short data packages, long range (city/regional network), 2-way communication, very low power consumption (battery life 10-15 years) and low installation/operating costs.

Contact: Mats Pettersson, CEO, phone +46 70 626 0702,


Fuktab AB

Fuktab was founded in 1989 and has over 30 years’ experience of water damages. The company have a long experience of moisture damages and have extensive knowledge in construction and various building techniques, which is an important part of the industry. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We always make sure that you as a customer get help quickly and offer resolutions that are cost effective. Our goal is to be in place on the same day we received the assignment enabling us to quickly start an investigation into the extent of the damage.​

Contact: Patrik Haglund, CEO, phone +46 700-901 648,



Go-IoT is on a mission to take buildings to the cloud in an easy, secure and scalable way, creating open future-proof ecosystems for smarter buildings and cities. The challenges often arise that system integrators / property owners and even users are locked in to the products and suppliers in the building. It is difficult to create customized solutions in other companies’ ecosystems and it is always costly and complicated. We solve this with a combination of hardware/software and cloud solutions as well as IoT consultancy and hardware development if needed. Modernizing buildings in a sustainable way has never been easier than it is now.​

Contact: Nicolas Waern, CEO, phone +46 703-47 87 44,​



No obstacle is to big, no detail is to small.

An open communication climate and short decision paths describes our organization very well. We are a close-knitted company where all opinions are both valued and heard.

The consultants at a-way are committed to their work, driven, experienced, well-educated and passionate about technology and development. If there is a will – there is a-way.

The team is our main focus and most important company asset. We invest a lot of resources to provide them with the best possible opportunities to progress in direction they wish. We have assignments all across Sweden, the rest of Europe, Asia and South America.

Contact: Kent-Åke Johansson, phone +46 705 98 11 39,



Wasa Entreprenad was founded 1996 and the thoughts from the very first day have been to make things a bit better and a little more personal. We have the entire competence chain within the company – everything from architect and construction to carpenters, wet room permissions and control responsibilities.

Our craftsmen carry professional proofs in wood and brick / tile. We think building construction, carpentry and design is incredibly fun.

All questions and problems are treated with the same seriousness and interest regardless of size.

Contact: Christer Thulin, CEO, phone +46 70-663 23 00,


Ale Portar AB

Ale Portar perform service on all industrial doorway/gates manufacturers. We repair doorways, gates, bars, loading bridges and lifting tables all with fully equipped service cars and in emergency. We have knowledge and experience from all kinds of industrial doors, loading ramps, weather seals and gates etc. Ale Portar has more than 20 years of experience and can thereby offer fixed price service contracts. ​

Contact: Ville Kuusinen, CEO, phone: +46 729 944 900,​


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